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News From the Chef Academy Italy


A new group of students at Chef Academy, from Kerala - India, has started few days ago the 35th Edition of Sous Chef Course.

Chef Academy is really proud to welcome the students, who traveld so far to reach us!



aiuto cuoco 35 singole e gruppo

Tales of Success


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My Story - Tale 1

"I am Giuseppe Santamaria I am 32 and I attended the ninth edition of the PIZZAIOLO course in January 2016. Chef Academy gave me the opportunity to have the knowledge to make a breakthrough in my life and for a year and a half I am A restaurant pizzeria near Paris. In addition to managing the pizzeria, I also take care of bread and desserts.
I'm glad I chose Chef Academy for my culinary training, if I went back I would make the same choice with the same enthusiasm! "

Thank you and Good Luck Giuseppe!


tale 1




My story - Tale 2

"I am Andreia Machado, from Portugal, I attended Chef Academy Course Cuoco 21 in September 2014 where I learned all the basic skills to work in a professional kitchen and got inspired by all of the teaching Chefs in this Academy, done my internship in Bulgari Hotels and Resorts in Milan which was a great experience, moved to London, where I joined the Gordon Ramsay Group in his Bread Street Kitchen restaurant and created a dish that is on the full a la carte menu. Now after 2 years I'm creating a business of my own, related to vegan & vegetarian cuisines.
Chef Academy was for sure the right first step in my chef career."

This is my Instagram profile: 

We are really proud of the path of Andreia, who moved from Portugal to attend Chef Academy with great committment and dedication. A wish from all of us for her new business!


andreia e ramsey




My Story - Tale 3

"My experience at Chef Academy was successful and positive, working side by side with professionals of the field, I was able to understand this wonderful job, an “art” in all effects, which in my case turned from passion to a real job. Thanks to Chef Academy, now I can work with great satisfaction in the “ Ristorante Pizzeria Italia” in Portugal, in the amazing Algarve coast."

Facebook profile:

We are glad we contributed to Giovanni’s success. He proved he has what it takes to be a professional abroad.

giuseppe tale 3
My Story - Tale 4

"We are the brothers Alessio and Emilio Lavermicocca. Every day we say thank you to Chef Academy for changing completely our lives. Thank you!!!!
We attended together the Pizzaiolo Course 5th edition in 2015. It really changed our lives, opening a world of possibilities. We met the wonderful world of Arte Bianca. Chef Academy gave us the knowlegde to enter the world of work with self confidence and awareness. After the course we decided to improve ourselves and turn our passion into a real job, so we joined a specialization with a great Master of this field, Gabriele Bonci. Thanks to him, we learned so much. After that we decided to go back to our beloved home region Apulia, to put in practice what we learned in Rome. We started working at the bakery “il Toscano” where we still work.
We recommend Chef Academy to anyone who wants to succeed in the food and beverage industry. If we could, we would go back and do the course again, with the same passion and enthusiasm we had when we started!”

Congratulations for your fantastic journey. Glad to have left a mark in your professional life. Thank you!!
gemelli tale 4
My Story - Tale 5

"My name is Maicol Troga and I attended the Course Chef, 34th adition, from April to June 2017. I have taken a totally new path for me and I have acquired the skills necessary to work in a real restaurant kitchen. I had the opportunity to know a new and fascinating world, to work with a brilliant brigade and to pass the final qualifying exam with full marks. At the end of the training I took a 2-month internship at the Michelin 2-star Restaurant "La Parolina" by Iside De Cesare in Trevinano (VT) to perfect my theoretical and practical knowledge of the "star kitchen". I learned how to handle the various brigades in full autonomy and I deeply understood the value and meaning of a Chef's figure. All my sacrifices, passion and dedication to this work have made me grow and improve day by day. Right now I am Chef de Partie for first courses, at “Nun Relais & Spa di Assisi”, 5 Stars Luxury Hotel, and i am currently working side by side with Chef Nicolas Bonifacio, one of our best teachers at the Course."

Facebook page:


maicol tale 5





My Story - Tale 6

"My name is Stefano De Martino Norante, I am 20 years old and I am from Trani. I attended the 1st edition of Barman's course at the Chef Academy and I got the qualification certificate of" Barman "which allowed me to work in many Cafes.
Then, Chef Academy published the announcement for a Job Day recruiting staff that would take place at the Academy in the presence of the Tour Operator Club Med and I decided that I absolutely ought to be there!
I made an interview that had a very positive result and since that day my adventure with Club Med started. Thanks to this opportunity I did 2 months of the winter season at the Club Med Pragelato Vialattea ski resort, and since April 9 2017 I work in Greece in the village of "Gregolimano", a place of breathtaking beauty. Thanks to my experiences abroad I speak fluent English and French and I have known people from all over the world, both colleagues and clients.
Chef Academy gave me the opportunity to find work at ClubMed and to have met during the course, great Masters, who I hope I can meet again! For the next winter season I will continue to go around the world and will either go to France or Switzerland. "
Facebook page:

Congratulations Stefano! We are proud of you!

stefano barman




My Story - Tale 7

"Hello, I'm Cristina Berlen, I'm 23, my job is the most beautiful in the world and I'm happy. It has been almost 4 years since I attended the 11th edition of the Pasticcere Professional Course at the Chef Academy, a course that helped me to take the first steps in the immense world of pastry and which provided me with a solid knowledge with which day After day I'm building my future and my life.

After an internship at Carletti's pastry shop in Terni I worked around Italy and for two years I moved from Apulia to Turin where I worked as a teacher in a cooking school running all the amateur and professional courses of pastry.

After 4 years I can say I'm satisfied with the choice I made in the past and above all I can say that I am very happy. Happy for my job, because it's what I really like. Happy to have the opportunity to learn every day. Learn. Learn. Learn.
Because cooking is a work where you never stop learning. Because if you stop learning, you become old. Learn something new.
Something new from anyone. Something new from the young absolute beginner who says "I do tiramisù with limoncello because I do not like coffee ... and I do not even put mascarpone", from my grandmother who said "Don't you use baking powder in shortcrust?", from the woman who asked "Can I use minipimer for every recipe? It's the only tool I have at home..", to the boyfriend who promised a Saffron Risotto and in the end it turned out to be an orange coloured salad rice!

Learn. Learn. Learn. Because when you learn, time is never lost. "

Our best wishes Cristina! Keep it up!

Facebook page:
cristina berlen
My Story - Tale 8

My name is Gianluca Farina, I'm 26 and come from Naples. I attended the Chef Course 8th Edition and I did a traineeship at the "Locanda Del Pilone" in Alba, a Michelin-starred restaurant. Thanks to the opportunities offered by the Chef Academy and the teachers I have become aware of what it really means to be a "Chef", I learned to handle more stations, to respect the work brigade and to know how to guide it. After the internship I worked in several hotels and restaurants in Campania, including the starred restaurant "Veritas Restaurant". Later I flew to London as Sous Chef and started managing the second courses station at the "N.11 Cadogan Gardens Hotel", 5-star luxury hotel, and I also had the honor to enter as Chef de partie at the Social Eating House, I'm currently working as chef at the Enoteca Turi, an Italian restaurant in London, and I'm trying to get the Michelin star with a chef who, among other experiences, trained at the Michelin Starred Anthony Genovese's Restaurant, Il Pagliaccio . "

Facebook page:
gianluca farina
My Story - Tale 9

“Hello, I'm Gianluca Rucci and at the age of 44 in 2016 I decided to change my job (I was a real estate agent for 13 years) and I would open a pastry shop - actually at the age of 15-16 I had that desire but then School, university, and life led me along other roads, including attorney and condominium administrator, but there was always something missing.
I knew I needed the proper training, so I joined the Chef Academy's Pastry Chef 45th course, which took place in September and October 2016, but I wanted to visit the school before, where I met some chefs, got information about the programs, and saw the classrooms. It was late July 2016 and I decided to enroll immediately!
At the beginning of September 2016, the courses and the classroom began with excellent masters and fantastic class mates from all over Italy, I learned the basics of the pastry and beyond: I will always have good memories with all the pictures I took and the notes that I refer to every day in my work.
As scheduled in February 2017 I opened my own cafeteria pastry shop. And since then, thanks to my colleagues, who are really important and that I thank with all my heart, the work goes on and on.
Of course there is much to learn, to try, to experiment. But this is the best thing in being a pastry chef, a job where every day is not the same as the previous one.
Thanks to Chef Academy I had the opportunity to build my pastry shop on a solid foundation. I wouldn't where I would be now, if I made a different choice. Today I can say that my Parisian croissant is a nice novelty, my custard is highly appreciated by customers, the cakes are great. Happy, never satisfied. This is my motto. Thanks to Chef Academy, thanks in particular to Chefs Di Mario, Carletti e Lisciarelli.”

Pagina Facebook:
gianluca russi
My Story - Tale 10

"My name is Ahmed Said Abd El Hay hammad and I attended the course with professional qualification of Sous Chef Edition 29th, from September to December 2016. After two years working in the kitchen I had the pleasure to improve my skills and study the basics of Italian cuisine, thanks to Chef Academy and their highly skilled Chefs and Masters. I have professionally perfected and consolidated those techniques that you often and willingly do not succeed in acquiring. I had the opportunity to meet new colleagues and great chefs that I will never forget, like Master Maurizio Di Mario, Chef Barbarossa and Chef Nicolas Bonifacio, just to name a few. 
At the end of the training I started working in Trentino at Tabladel in Corvara in Badia, as a station chef for starters and sweets. Right now I am working at the Blu Marlin a typical restaurant in the area where I live, as a sous chef for until the end of October, after which I move to the 2 Michelin star "Bracali" restaurant and then I will move to England to work in a chain of luxury restaurants. I owe so much to Chef Academy because it gave me the opportunity and the tools to grow in this beautiful sector and now I can continue to improve myself in my professional career. "

Facebook page:
said 10
 My Story - Tale 11


"My name is Maurizio Paolucci, I am 25 years old and I have attended the 11th pizzaiolo edition. At the end of the course, the interest I had for this new world, also thanks to the masters of the Chef Academy, helped me to enter the kitchen industry right away. I have chosen to do different real experiences for not focusing on one product but to deepen and practice as much as possible of what I learned from the course. I currently work as a pizzaiolo and cook help at the diffused Country House, Resort & Spa "La Locanda del Prete" and I was fascinated by the quality of the kitchen and raw materials we use to reach the end product, the pizza we offer has A leavening process ranging from a minimum of 48h to a maximum of 72h. The Chef Academy has offered me the opportunity to discover a new passion that has turned into work. "

Pagina Facebook:


maurizio paolucci tale 11



My Story - Tale 12

"Hello, my name is Alessandro, I'm 26. Four years ago I started my training course at Chef Academy attending the 4th edition of the " Pasticceria" professional course.The luck of this school is to have teachers able to infuse the dedication and passion you need, to give you the right motivation to enter in the fantastic pastry world, but above all the professionalism of the school can also help you move the first steps in the world of work. 
So during the last 4 years I never stopped: I started here in Umbria at Master Carletti's pastry, then I moved around Italy from Trieste to Rimini, Cesenatico to Rome where I worked for Attilio Servi, where I learned some secrets of the great lievitati, then, 2 months ago I returned in Umbria, in Amelia, where I work in a pastry shop where I am responsible for the entire breakfast station and all the yeast and especially of "Arturo" our mother yeast. This school really gives you the basics you need to get into this fantastic world; thanks in particular to chefs Maurizio and Emanuele.

Remember humility and sacrifice! "

Facebook Page:


alessandro tale 12




My Story - Tale 13

"My name is Emilio Pro, I attended the course CUOCO n.8 at Chef Academy in May 2013. A path where I could improve techniques and learn secrets for high-level cuisine, along with the great chefs in the academy. At the end of the course I did the internship at the Casa Magalotti restaurant with chef Andrea Goracci who taught me how to handle a kitchen in the best way. My work experience then continued in other restaurants, such as the Queen's Castle in Umbria or the Locanda Under the Arches of Sexantio in Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Abruzzo, where since December 2015 I work as a chef: this is in one of the 5 Restaurants in the world that most represent the medieval era. I have to thank the Chef Academy for helping me set up concrete basics for what is my greatest passion: cooking!

This is my Instagram profile: Emilio_Pro_809
This is my Facebook Page: "


emilio pro tale 12





My Story - Tale 14

"My name is Francesco Colardo and I attended the PIZZAIOLO 12 course of the Chef Academy in June 2016.
I want to thank the Academy for the opportunities I was given, because it is a well organized and professional school.
Since the end of the course, just a year has passed, I have already worked in 3 pizzerias and now I'm working with the tour operator "Club Med" in France at Opio, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, managing the pizzeria in the hotel where I am. 

When I will finish the summer season I will open my own business in Caserta. I want to thank the Masters who followed me during the course at the Chef Academy which gave me the right tools and knowledge to become what I am now and to make me love this job more than anything else. "

Facebook page:

francesco colardo 14



My Story - Tale 15

"My name is Andrea Barone and I am from Apulia, I attended the Pastry Course 36 concluded in February 2016 at Chef Academy in Terni. For some months I worked as a pastry chef at " Kai Mayfair", a Fusion restaurant in the heart of London that has received the star Michelin award since 2009. We are now experimenting with Asian ingredients with European techniques, a great challenge that is not so scary, and therefore a great thank you to all the Masters and especially to Chef Maurizio Di Mario who literally "instilled " his knowledge and experience and thank you to Chef Academy because it is a great educational center. Have the courage to dare." 

Facebook page:

andrea barone tale 15




My Story - Tale 17

"My name is Filippo Apuzzo and I attended the 39th edition of the Pastry Course in April 2016 at the Chef Academy in Terni. I have been pastry for 6 years, but despite my experience in the lab where I learned manual skills I felt the need to grow , improve my knowledge and techniques and could not choose the best place.
After completing the training experience in Terni, I started working in a famous pastry in Naples, then after a few months, I became head of the pastry shop of a 4-star hotel on the Amalfi coast. My gratitude will never be great enough for the staff at the Chef Academy for everything I've been taught. "

Facebook page:


filippo apuzzo tale 17




My Story - Tale 18

"My name is Antonio Monaco and I attended Chef Academy's 7th edition at the Chef Academy in July 2013. I attended a training program at the Borgo Ducale Resort in Tuturano (BR). After several experiences I flew to London and currently my position is "night chef" at the "Polpo" restaurant, located in Chelsea, in the neighborhood of London.
My main task is to prepare and cook about 90% of the menu we serve with the help of my commis chef, which includes the cooking of main sauces for first courses, meat processing, fish, desserts preparation and preparation of some special dishes of the day.
It's a job as a manager where in addition to preparation, I take care of the control of the food that will be served during the day and keep a rotation of it to ensure its freshness. I also deal with the delivery control of the various suppliers. I am delighted with my path and I thank all the faculty members of the Chef Academy for having shared the passion and determination to do this job! Thank you!!!"

Facebook page:


antonio monaco




My Story - Tale 19

"Good morning, my name is Carlo Raciti and I attended the 7th edition of the Chef Academy course in January 2014. In 2015 I started my company" Almotti ", a gluten free biscuit. We have over 30 dealers across the province of Miami in the United States. All this was possible thanks to the studies at the Chef Academy. I made my choice. Do yours! 
Thank you Chef Academy! "

Personal and business Facebook page:

The website


carlo raciti tale 19




My Story - Tale 20

"My name is Antonio Sibiriu, I'm 28 years old and I am from Vibo Valentia. Last year I attended the Chef Academy's 34th edition at the Chef Academy, where I was able to acquire the basic elements to be able to work in a professional kitchen. At the end of the training course, I did a traineeship at the Crowne Plaza Rome-st Peter's Hotel & Spa (5 * hotel), thanks to which I have visibly increased my skills in the field. After the training, I returned to Calabria and I started my professional career at "Tribeca Street Bistrot" in Vibo Valentia. From April 2017 I returned to work at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rome where I finished my internship and where I still work full time like Demi Chef de Partie. After a year I can say that I am happy and satisfied with this training course at the Chef Academy and above all I recommend it to all those who would like to do this job. "


We are very proud to receive the official certificate from Wacs Commitee, in recognition of our  high standards of quality in the field of culinary education.

Thank you to all the people who supported and helped. We keep going, we keep growing!

#proudtobe Chef Academy!

certificato wacs

We are proud of this international recognition as Academy of Excellence in the World. New opportunities for our students, for a growth increasing our important role on the international scene.

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