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Maitre | Certificate Program | Course Fee € 4.000

Maitre Certificate Program in Italy Maitre Certificate Program in Italy

Duration: About 6 weeks + Final Exam + 2 months optional internship

Admission requirements: This course is in Italian Language, if stutent is Non-Native in Italian Language we will verify his knowledge, we also offer Italian Languege courses as option. Chef Academy offers also simultaneous translation in English Language, see the Courses List to have more information.

Who can attend the course: Today Italian Culinary Arts are considered an international standard, there are more than 70.000 Italian Restaurants all over the world. This course give you the skills to work for Italian Restaurants and gives you also the knowledge of the most important international cooking standards. This course is intended for students who wish to acquire the abilities and knowledge adequate for the profession of Maitre with a Certificate and Professional Qualification.

Individual recuperation: During the course, whether for personal reasons you miss lessons, you can schedule a recovery and define the cost, taking into account the availability of teachers and the organization of the Chef Academy.

Professional Qualification Certificate: Legally recognized professional qualification of "Maitre" (Addetto qualificato al servizio in sala ristorante ed ai piani) valid under Article 14 Law 21/12/1978 n 845, valid throughout the national and European territory.  At the end of the examination each student will receive a booklet showing the level of competence achieved




One of the demands of the catering sector professions where professionalism makes a difference. Acquire professional competence and operational skills that put the student in a position to make a professional service is the mission of this training course. At the end of the course students will be able to enter quickly in a field where the demand for qualified restaurant staff is very high. The course will cover 360 degrees all the activities of a head waiter, starting from dining room service, communication, product knowledge and dynamics with customers in a restaurant service. The course includes the realization of Custom dining room services.


Fee: € 4.000 Course fee,  "International Service Package" included

International Service Package:

For students from abroad, there is a specific package of additional services called "International Service Package" for a price of € 1.000,00, already included in the fee, which includes:

- Visa assistance (if necessary)

- Assistance dedicated to the search for accommodation / logistics accommodation in Terni

- Tutoring during the course to solve specific problems

- Support for obtaining the tax code and residence permit

- Support the process of learning progress with the course manager

- Translation of part of the documentation and the essential elements of the teaching material in English


Students who do not need any service and have B1 level knowledge of the Italian language may apply, without the dedicated assistance for students from abroad. In this case the cost will be € 3.000,00


  • Practice as Maitre
  • The dining room staff: roles, activities and responsibilities
  • The kitchen brigade: roles, activities and responsibilities
  • Working in the Food and Beverage field
  • Managing the relationship with customers
  • Monitoring supplies - bar and dining
  • Principles of wine tasting and food pairing wine and food
  • Cooking Techniques of the lounge
  • Processing techniques of the main dishes to the lamp
  • Decoupage of poultry
  • Dressage of the salads
  • Slicing and portioning cheese, fruit, dessert
  • To know and to serve Italian and international wines
  • Define the mise en place of service
  • Facilities
  • Time Management
  • Working in security context in the restaurant services
  • References to specific industry standards
  • Basic principles of HACCP
  • Assess the quality of the service offered as part of the structures
  • Operating procedures for the evaluation of quality of service



The qualifying examinations will be carried out at our offices with the presence of a commission formed by:

-      Regional President                 - Public education

-      Ministry of Labour               - union organization

-      Provincial representative       - provincial Secretary

The examination will last an afternoon from 15:00 to 20:00


At the end of the course the student will participate in a final exam that will include:

-      Practical Activity with evaluation by the committee members

-      Individual oral examination on the program carried out during the training activities

-      Written test with multiple choice questions

Two days after the examination each student can request the Province of Terni a paper that can be used for competitions and / or transcribed at the Employment Agency.

The official qualification certificate will be written in ITALIAN, ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH and will be delivered to the student after about 3 months.

Enrollment Contract: Participation in courses is defined by a contract in which are indicated the commitments of the company and the participant. The cost (tax-free) defined by the contract will not be varied and will include: